Do long distance relationships work?

Posted on June 11, 2012


Making a long distance relationship work

I have always been a believer of the “out of sight out of mind” funda. Always scorned at couples who try to attempt the dreaded “LDR” (long distance relationships), who truly believe that there’s a happy ending at the end of it all.

But, as I find myself in a similar situation, I cannot help but wonder – “Do long distance relationships really work?” Is it really worth getting into?

I asked around. Most people, like me, who had never been in a long distance relationship, were adamant that it would never work. Some who had been in one were skeptical. But those who were in one were totally enthusiastic about it! So I asked them to give me some tips to make long distance relationships work.

Making a long distance relationship work

  • Communicate:  Keep some means of communication open. Skype, chat, call, text, use whatsapp. Anything! But do it. If you are in different time zones, find some time to be awake at the same time. If not every day, at least over the weekends.
  • Pump up the mush: I know some of you will balk at this idea. But you’ve got to show your love somehow right? It may be corny or silly but emphasizing that you love your partner once in a while is always nice.
  • Trust: A long distance relationship cannot survive without trust. You must trust your partner. He/she is going to a new city. He/she is bound to make new friends. While it’s okay to feel jealous once in a while. Trying to control your partner’s movements is strict no no.
  • Love need work: You need to find some way to make sure your love grows stronger and doesn’t diminish with distance. I was thinking of taking my partner’s t-shirt to wear whenever I miss him, (yes I know its corny, but I know it’ll be warm, fuzzy and comforting 🙂 )
  • Surprise visits: So what if you have two days and it’ll take you a whole day to get there. Trust me, the surprise will be worth it. Do check if your partner is free that time though. There’s no point dropping in when they are supremely busy and expecting them to drop everything for you.
  • Patience: You’re going to need a lot of it. There will be moments when you’ll wonder whether your partner actually loves you, but don’t take any hasty decisions. Love always conquers all 🙂

I know I don’t have a whole lot of great ideas, but as I step into a long distance relationship, I want it to work with every fibre of my being. That’s what love does to you, turns you into a believer.

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